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2019 MAFDA Holiday Party / Hall of Fame Dinner

The MAFDA Christmas Gala will go down in the record book as the event of the year!  A crowd of over 60 industry members gathered to celebrate 2019 and renew their relationships for 2020.  

With over 34 distributor attendees and a good mix of suppliers and reps it was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with industry ownership and management to set the course for business well into next year. Companies were represented from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, it was an event that spanned borders and brought the best from a wide area.

Justin Myers, our emcee for the evening, and the MAFDA board of directors and all party goers send out a special thanks to our sponsors for making this night possible.  Without their generous support the night of festivities would be impossible.  Please remember each sponsor as business opportunities arise:


Brighton-Best / Ironclad
Stelfast Inc
XL Screw
ND Industries
The Hanson Group
Ford Fasteners
Star Stainless
Vertex Distribution


Computer Insights Inc.
R & D Fasteners
Sems & Specials
BBC Fasteners


Lee Johnson Associates
G.L. Huyett
McCormick Associates
R.W. Rundle Associates
KDS Imports
Murty Associates
Wrought Washer
Die Co., Inc.
Screws Industries

The Brandywine Prime venue once again provided a 5 star experience with a variety of butlered appetizers, a top shelf open bar and a full 3 course dinner of steak and salmon.  A finishing touch of NY cheesecake drizzled with raspberry made the evening.  Judging by the empty plates the repast was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

A special moment was set aside to announce the creation of a MAFDA Hall of Fame and to pay tribute to our Hall of Fame inductees.  David Myers was our first inductee as the original distributor member of the association.  He helped found the association and has served the past 16 years as an officer of the association.

Lee Johnson was our second inductee.  Lee was the original founder of the association and has never moved away from promoting the association.  He has served continuously as an officer and board member for 16 years with 3 terms as President of the MAFDA.  

Both David and Lee have contributed more than any other members to the success of the MAFDA and our overall success.  The Board and the entire membership honored both and hope both continue to serve the fastener industry.

The MAFDA was proud to continue the tradition of every attendee getting a hand-made Christmas ornament courtesy of Jeannie Kondraski of Lubker Distribution.  Our raffle offered enough awards so every participant was a winner.  In addition a photographer provided on-the-spot pictures to be taken home so everyone received a picture highlighting the night.  Overall the crowd left with many mementos of the evening.

Through the generosity of sponsors and attendees the MAFDA raised over $2,000 for the scholarship fund for children of the member companies and proudly continues to bring education and opportunity to our industry and our families.  Please remember too have all eligible children get their applications in this year!  Get the forms at

Overall it was another great year for our industry, our association and our members.  As we move into 2020 please reach out to the MAFDA and join in the industry’s premier events.

Pictures from the event can be downloaded from: