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The Mid-Atlantic Fastener Distributors Association welcomes all membership categories. Though ‘Distributors’ is in the name, the MAFDA believes the industry is best served when all tangents of the manufacturing and supply process are connected.

With over eighty active members, the MAFDA has grown to become the largest fastener specific association representing the Mid-Atlantic region.  Joining is easy, but the greatest value you and your company can gain is by volunteering your talents and expertise, or by attending the many great events that have been designed by your regional industry peers specifically to help educate, inform,  or foster long term business relationships.

To apply for membership to the MAFDA, please complete the below and submit.

Upon approval the association will e-mail  ‘Dues Payment’ invoice in the amount of $ 250.00

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Freddy Barr


Justin Myers


David Myers


Chuck Halpin

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Trish Murty

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Sal Presti

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