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Scholarship 2023

All Applications must be received by: May 1, 2023

Did you know that your Company is a member of MAFDA?? Every year MAFDA awards scholarships to eligible children of employees & eligible employees to assist them in furthering their education! Download files and follow the procedure. ELIGIBILITY
    • dependant child (age 26 or under) whose parent (sponsor) is employed for a minimum of one year by a MAFDA member company*, in good standing with the MAFDA, and who will be attending a post secondary education program full-time during the upcoming academic year.
    • An employee of a MAFDA member company*, in good standing with the MAFDA, who has been with said company for a minimum of one year, and works a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week and who will be attending a post secondary education program during the upcoming academic year with a minimum of six credit hours per term.
    • Previous MAFDA scholarship winners are not eligible.
    • Employee or Parent must work for the actual facility or branch that is a member of MAFDA
While reminding all eligible employees and their families, please don’t forget to add your donation to the cause.  We count on every member to contribute to the overall success and each family needs your help in making their future a little brighter. The entire MAFDA membership thanks you in advance for your generous support! You will be receiving a flyer you can distribute to your employees with information about the scholarship! If you have any questions, please email us at (Subject: “Scholarship”). Sincerely, Barbara Shimer Jean Kondraski Tricia Murty MAFDA Scholarship Chairpersons
Since the inception of the MAFDA in 2003, every year has seen tremendous growth in the number of recipients of scholarships.  This year looks to be a great year and we are continuing our honorary scholarship program which will dramatically add to the benefits of the scholarship program. To continue our program we need your monetary support!  Your generosity is what drives the scholarship program and directly aids our member families.  Please be as generous as possible and send your donation to: MAFDA, 3211 West 9th Street, Trainer, PA 19061. Also to consider – a Shared Sponsored Scholarship with a matching donation by MAFDA.  When your company donates $500 or $750.…MAFDA matches your donation along with 1 or more other member companies’ donations and the group scholarship is presented in all the sponsoring Companys’ Names!  Or donate $1000. or more and have a Scholarship named  for your Company & presented on your behalf!. Donations can be sent in with your dues invoice.

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