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Brendan Shields

Board Member
Ironclad Performance Wear
Regional Sales Manager, Northeast
972-996-5664 *204

Brendan began his tenure at Ironclad Performance Wear in 2021, a company owned by Brighton Best Intl. Prior to this, he had a background in the testing and measurement industry for industrial equipment. Currently, he holds the position of Northeast Manager at Ironclad Performance Wear. In late 2021, Brendan was invited to join the board of directors, introducing fresh perspectives to the industry. Ironclad Performance Wear specializes in performance gloves, complementing Brighton’s
comprehensive range of fasteners.

Outside of his professional role, Brendan is an enthusiastic golfer and actively contributes to organizing the annual golf outing. Additionally, he finds enjoyment in pursuits such as surfing and camping, often accompanied by his wife and their dog.

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