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David Myers

Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems Inc.

David began his career in the fastener industry in 1981, co-founding Coburn-Myers Bolt & Nut alongside Bob Coburn. He assumed the role of vice president, concentrating his efforts on sales and marketing through traditional outside sales calls, with both existing customers and cold calling.

In 1995, when partner Bob Coburn retired from the industry, David assumed the role of President and CEO and renamed the company Coburn-Myers Fastening Systems. The company expanded its operations over the next three years to include manufacturing, cutting, threading, modifying and secondary operations, providing expedited solutions for customers.

As the founding distributor member of the Mid-Atlantic Fastener and Distributor Association, David has served as a board
member or officer of the association since its inception in 2003. Drawing on his decades of experience, he has provided insights to enhance the association’s value to its members and to create scholarship opportunities for employees and family members in the industry.

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