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MAFDA’s Annual Holiday Party 2023

MAFDA’s Annual Holiday Party was held on Thursday, December 14th at the Mendenhall Inn in Mendenhall, PA minutes from Longwood Gardens. The event was a success! Guests who attended the event had an amazing time with a delightful dinner and beautiful pictures to capture the event (attached below). Freddy Barr, President of MAFDA, inducted two members into the MAFDA Hall of Fame: Rick Lubker and the late Ed Johnson Sr. To close the night, dessert was served, and prizes were raffled to numerous guests.


We would also like to thank all of the sponsors for the event as well:

Gold: Stelfast Inc., Brighton-Best, Intercorp, Kanebridge, and Avante Imports

Silver: Ford Fasteners, Richard Manno & Co., Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, and Eurolink Fastener Supply Service

Bronze: Crossroad Distributors, Lee S. Johnson Associates, Crescent Manufacturing, Murty Associates, and Hanson Group


We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday and Happy New Year! We look forward to next year!